2019 Largest Participating Churches

The shape of the American megachurch is constantly shifting.
What are the churches at the forefront of the movement and how are they innovating?

Each year, the Lifeway Research team surveys churches, verifies the numbers, calculates the results and compiles the lists. In preparation for this annual report, we solicited participation from the churches that were featured in our previous reports. This is a self-reported survey, based on attendance averages, not membership. Churches that participated answered questions about their 2022 in-person, online and adult discipleship attendance averages for February and March (excluding Easter) as compared to their 2021 numbers.

In addition this year, to provide as complete of a list as possible for the Largest churches, we also drew numbers from the Hartford Institute for Religion Research (HIRR.Hartsem.edu ), which is not a survey, but is secondary research drawn from publicly available attendance data. We integrated that public data with the self-reported survey from Lifeway. Whenever the survey and the public data reported on the same church, we reported the church’s response in the survey.

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North Point Ministries
North Point Ministries Alpharetta GA - Andy Stanley
● Fastest ● Largest
Christ's Church of the Valley
Christ's Church of the Valley Peoria AZ - Ashley Wooldridge
● Fastest ● Largest
Gateway Church
Gateway Church Southlake TX - Robert Morris
● Fastest ● Largest
Southeast Christian Church
Southeast Christian Church Louisville KY - Kyle Idleman
● Fastest ● Largest ● Reproducing
Saddleback Church
Saddleback Church Lake Forest CA - Rick Warren
● Largest
Eagle Brook Church
Eagle Brook Church Centerville MN - Jason Strand
● Fastest ● Largest
Bayside Church
Bayside Church Roseville CA - Ray Johnston
● Fastest ● Largest
Second Baptist Church
Second Baptist Church Houston TX - H. Edwin Young
● Largest
Mount Zion Baptist Church
Mount Zion Baptist Church Nashville TN - Joseph W. Walker III
● Fastest ● Largest
New Life Church
New Life Church Conway AR - Rick Bezet
● Fastest ● Largest
Flatirons Community Church
Flatirons Community Church Lafayette CO - Jim Burgen
● Largest
LCBC Church
LCBC Church Manheim PA - David Ashcraft
● Largest
Community Bible Church
Community Bible Church San Antonio TX - Ed Newton
● Largest ● Reproducing
Red Rocks Church
Red Rocks Church Littleton CO - Shawn Johnson
● Largest
World Overcomers
World Overcomers Durham NC - Andy Thompson
● Largest
Lutheran Church of Hope
Lutheran Church of Hope West Des Moines IA - Mike Housholder
● Largest
The Rock Church
The Rock Church San Diego CA - Miles McPherson
● Largest
North Coast Church
North Coast Church Vista CA - Larry Osborne
● Fastest ● Largest
Lakepointe Church
Lakepointe Church Rockwall TX - Josh Howerton
● Fastest ● Largest ● Reproducing
Northview Church
Northview Church Indianapolis IN - Steve Poe
● Fastest ● Largest