Northview Church

Indianapolis, Indiana

Northview Church
Steve Poe
Steve Poe
Founded 1980
Denomination Nondenominational
Locations 11
Attendance 11,364
Growth +2,864 (34%)

We are a nondenominational church in multiple locations, and our foundational beliefs are shared between all campuses. We′re a church whose mission is to connect people with God and connect people with people. We are the kind of church that meets people right where they are in life and are passionate about helping people find and fulfill God′s purpose.

We value relationships that are real, raw and rich with love for one another. Because people are made for life-giving relationships, we create environments that nurture meaningful human connections. We believe spiritual growth activates faith in Jesus. Because God has called us to mature fully in our faith, we encourage spiritual formation for all. We reach out to those who are far from God and lost. Because Jesus is the way to know God, we will do anything short of sin, to lead people to a saving faith in him.

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