LCBC Church

LCBC Church

Jason Mitchell
Manheim, Pennsylvania
Founded: 1986
Attendance: 10,943

About LCBC Church

We are a place where people come together to journey with God. Our vision is to be one church that meets in multiple locations. We share one look, one voice and one message, which is delivered through the use of live worship and a high-definition video message from the Manheim campus. We strive to create a welcoming atmosphere, but our campuses do not exist to provide a comfortable, more convenient place for those who already call LCBC home. It′s about others—friends and neighbors who would never drive 30 minutes to go to church and yet need to hear the life-changing message of Jesus′ love for them.

We are a group of people on a journey with Jesus. We don′t claim to have it all figured out and recognize that each of us is in a different spot on that journey. From those just exploring Jesus, to those starting to figure out how to walk with him, to those fully engaged in that pursuit—everyone is welcome!

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