Vineyard Columbus

Vineyard Columbus

Rich Nathan, Eric & Julia Pickerill
Vineyard Churches
Columbus, Ohio
Founded: 1982
Locations: 4
Attendance: 2,963

About Vineyard Columbus

We′re one church that meets in multiple locations. We stand firmly in the center of orthodox Christian teaching. Out of loyalty to Christ and the gospel, we have come to a number of convictions concerning the clear teaching of the Bible. At the same time, we have not included in our statement of faith much that can be legitimately debated by orthodox Christians. In other words, we do have boundaries, but our boundaries are broad and inclusive. On the spectrum of Christian churches: We are orthodox. We are evangelical. We are empowered evangelicals.

Our mission is to develop a community of disciples who experience God, love one another and partner with Christ to heal the world. We are a community that lives out our faith in deep relationships. We are disciples who are life-long learners growing to be more like Jesus. We expect to encounter God who pours out his Spirit in us and through us. We love one another and serve our faith community by sacrificially giving what matters. We join God′s mission by sharing the gospel, extending mercy and restoring justice.

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