Victorville First Assembly of God

Victorville First Assembly of God

John C. Martin
Assemblies of God
Victorville, California
Founded: 1950

About Victorville First Assembly of God


As a multi-generational, multi-ethnic, and multi campus church, Victorville First Assembly of God seeks to impact the High Desert and Beyond with the life changing message of Christ.


To see God do an unusual work of reaching lost people in our city, our nation, and our world, in which lives are transformed and people become devoted followers of Jesus Christ.


Exalt God.
Educate believers through biblical discipleship.
Encourage meaningful relationships.
Equip believers for ministry.
Evangelize our world.


You matter to God and to Us.

Biblical Authority

Courageous Generosity


Transformed Lives

Healthy Relationships

Inner Health

Family Affirming

Innovative Excellence

Servant Leadership

Eleven years ago, I received a call from our SoCal Network AG superintendent asking me to help with a neighboring church in our denomination. As we said yes to the call, we began "parenting" this struggling church. We saw some great results, so we were asked to take on another church. In time, we started planting churches. Utilizing the strategy of raising up pastors on the team and sending them out with teams to pastor campuses, we have seen amazing results in both planting churches and revitalizing existing churches. In addition to our main church campus, we currently have six church plants and seven church revitalizations.

The multisite movement has radically changed our approach to ministry. It is now in our church's DNA. Our goal is to plant a church and/or revitalize a church every year. We are in a process of identifying, mentoring, and coaching pastors to become effective church planters and church revitalizers. We are setting aside funds in our budgeting process to infuse financial strength and stability during the initial plant and the early years. We are training lay leaders to positively and effectively support ministry needs. We would hope to see two significant things happen in the next 10 to 20 years. One, our church campuses would plant other churches and thus make us "grandparents". Two, we would establish a church planting system and strategy to more effectively launch church plants with greater impact and breadth of ministry.

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