Soma Communities Spokane

Soma Communities Spokane

Steve Hart
Seventh-Day Adventist
Spokane, Washington
Founded: 2004

About Soma Communities Spokane


Forming whole-hearted disciples of Jesus
in life-shaping relationships
for everyday disciple-making


Gospel Saturation: that every person in our region would have a regular encounter with the good news of Jesus Christ in word and deed.


A missional community (MC) is a small band of believers, pursuing Jesus together. “Missional” means that we see ourselves as missionary people, sent by God into our neighborhoods, workplaces, and schools, to bless as we are blessed, and looking to make Jesus and his work known. “Community” implies that we will do this together, partnering in order to do the work God has sent us to do in our city and lovingly caring for one another in the process.

Our DNA has always had a desire to reproduce disciples, leaders, and church planters. Have given 10% to planting from day one, partnered with local and global planters, and have sent out 2 churches in the last 5 years as well as resourced many more.

Leadership development in the local church setting which equips regular disciples for everyday mission in community, resulting in a multiplication of missional communities and the formation of new churches.

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