Restoration Church

Restoration Church

Ron Johnson, Joshua & Noemi Chavez
Denver, Colorado
Founded: 2011

About Restoration Church

Are you looking for hope? Restoration Church is a group of people simply trying to follow Jesus. We believe Jesus transforms us and gives the deep hope our hearts long for. Our heartbeat is to see the image of God restored in us all.

Restoration started meeting weekly in November of 2010. A handful of individuals and families from various neighborhoods in Denver wanted to impact our city with the love and message of Jesus. Those on our launch team, along with some individuals and organizations nationally, generously provided support and accountability in helping us start strong. From the beginning, we designed our services as a safe place for people to explore faith and grow in their relationship with God, regardless of where they are in their spiritual journey



We sweat and bleed with God to restore people and places


We shamelessly share our faith


We believe everyone has a next step


We move people from rows to circles


We reproduce disciples, groups and churches


2035 AD, 1,000 churches in neighborhoods throughout our city.

God has used the people of Restoration to prevent Christianity from nearly going extinct in Denver. Our kids and grand kids have churches they go to that are relevant for their generation. The attitude towards Christians in our city has shifted from apathy and resentment to appreciation and respect. Thousands of people loved by God have turned from spiritual brokenness, idolatry and addiction, to holiness, discipleship and freedom. A new generation of passionate, committed leaders are poised to bring heaven to Denver in the future. We have helped start over 100 churches.

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