Park Cities Baptist Church

Park Cities Baptist Church

Jeff Warren
Dallas, Texas
Founded: 1939
Attendance: 1,928

About Park Cities Baptist Church


God’s love for His people is unstoppable. It moves beyond our boundaries, conventions, and expectations. It is a gift of grace that rescues and changes us, directing our motivation and our love towards God and the task of building his Kingdom. Read more


God’s love for His people is unlimited. Grace enables us to love our neighbors without condition or limitation. It frees us to love others extravagantly, even (and especially) our enemies. Read more


God’s love for His people is abundant and free. It liberates us from holding back or clinging to what we have, knowing that God intends us to use His gifts to share the Gospel with the world. We practice radical generosity not to earn God’s love, but because we already have it. Read more


God’s love for His people is compelling. Knowing that all life is fragile and temporary humbles us and brings new weight to our decisions, how we treat others, and how we choose to invest our time. The Gospel is life to a dying world; we will use every moment we have to share it widely and without delay. Read more


We serve a dynamic and creative God who has spoken to his people throughout time in history in a myriad of ways. While the message of the Gospel never changes, our methods of communication and application must remain nimble and intentional in an ever-changing world. As faithful stewards of the Gospel, we remain sensitive to cultural contexts, language and learning differences, styles of worship, modes of artistic expression, and other nuances God can, will, and has used to draw men and women to Himself. Read More

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