Mountain View Church

Mountain View Church

Fred Leonard, Joshua & Noemi Chavez
Brethren - Mennonite Brethren
Fresno, California
Founded: 1994

About Mountain View Church


Love for God Our Father

Obedience to Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior

Openness to the Leading of the Holy Spirit

Visionary Faith and Prayer

Outreach and Mission

Church Planting

MVC is the mother of many daughter churches and a church of three campuses preparing to launch our fourth.

As a church plant we were committed to being a church that reproduced. Our first daughter church was planted in our second year (It failed 18 months later). In the last 26 years we have participated in 1,000’s of church plants a year around the globe. Right now looking back on 2019 - we supported 209 assets (more cool name than missionary) in 29 operations (countries) and saw 250,606 people come to Jesus, 15,006 Churches planted, 8,959 leaders trained, 125,392 new believers baptized. Our investment in this multiplication was 34% of our budget.

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