Hope City Church

Joplin, Missouri

Hope City Church
Cody Walker
Cody Walker
Founded 2014
Denomination Nondenominational
Locations 1
Attendance 1,379
Growth +316 (30%)
Fastest Growing

Our Values

Biblical Authority — “There’s A Better Way to Do Life”

We will present God’s Word with grace and truth. We recognize its authority and our need to adjust to it.

Relational Intimacy — “Grace and Truth”

No matter what disconnected you from God, Jesus is the only way to reconnect with him.

Authentic Community — ”We Are All In The Same Boat”

Pursuing truth together is the best opportunity for truly living out and applying that truth.

Gifted Service — “Purpose and Personality”

We recognize that God distributes Spiritual Gifts (time, talents, treasure) to equip the Church in order to serve as Christ to the world.

Excellent Environments — “Creating a place for people to bump into Jesus”

We aren’t in the business of changing people. Rather, we embrace our role as creating a space where people can work out their stuff with Jesus.

Relational Evangelism — “Disciple Making”

We will intentionally leverage our influence in the world for the purpose of introducing people to the awesome love of Christ.

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