Bethlehem Church

Bethlehem Church

Jason Britt, David Fleming
Baptist - Southern Baptist
Bethlehem, Georgia
Founded: 1904
Locations: 3
Attendance: 4084

About Bethlehem Church

Bethlehem Church exists to lead people to discover the life they were intended to live. We encompass all backgrounds, ages and demographics—from infants to senior adults. Whoever you are, you will be encouraged by our welcoming environment, passionate worship team and an empowering message that is both practical and Christ-centered.

We take a lot of pride in our worship services because we believe they are a gift to our God. Though our services are designed for everyone no matter the background or current situation, we lean heavily toward the newcomer. We do not make it difficult for people to come to know Jesus and we do not make it difficult for people to worship corporately. Our heart is for people to engage, hear and respond to God. Every service at Bethlehem Church is designed to do just that.

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