Anchor Church

Anchor Church

Bryan Halferty
Christian and Missionary Alliance
Tacoma, Washington
Founded: 2022

About Anchor Church


A community of imperfect Jesus-followers living for the good of Tacoma and the greater South Sound.




At Anchor Church we believe that no

marriage, family, person, neighborhood, or city is 'beyond' hope. We will

hold to this, not out of mere optimism but because our hope is rooted in the

One that has defeated death.  We won’t give up or give in. Even as we

struggle we will hold fast and tight to the Hope-Giver.


We believe that everyone can belong in a

Christ-following community. Seekers, cynics, Christ-followers and

Christ-forgetters. Belief is not a prerequisite for belonging. We will open our

arms and our doors to all, because we have found that same warmth in the One we



In an age of distraction and glam we believe

the way forward for the church is to be present. This may sound boringly simple

but think about it. When you connect with someone who isn't stealing glances at

their watch or phone, someone that listens to your words and looks you eye to

eye, it's then when you know you're loved. At Anchor Church we will fight

to be present with our neighbors, co-workers, and friends, those that follow

Christ and those that don't. We will do this because we have learned it from

Jesus himself who stays with us in the mess and walks with us towards healing.


We believe that no one is without purpose.

Everyone has a story, passions, interests and pain; when all of those

elements intersect and are surrendered to Jesus they bloom into something worth

committing to. Some would refer to it as a sense of "calling"--we

just call it purpose. Whether it's working with kids, sharing the gospel, doing

the work of Justice, starting a business, or keeping a home, at Anchor Church

we want to fan the flames of what God has deposited within you. We take deep

delight in seeing people come alive, realizing that they were created on

purpose and for a purpose. 



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