Templo Calvario

Templo Calvario

Daniel de León Sr.
Santa Ana, California
Founded: 1936

About Templo Calvario

The Lord saved a lady from Mexico. She attended for a couple of years and decided to go back to Mexico. Two years later she wrote to Pastor Danny de León, Sr. that she had established a church in her hometown and wanted me to know about it and bless the new work.

At about the same time, two men got saved in church. A couple of years later they came to talk to me about going back to Mexico to open churches. I asked both the lady and the men why they were doing this? "Because you are always talking about it." Today we have opened 103 churches (that we know about).

We believe that now the church will multiply a lot more because these churches are a product of church multiplication. We plan to open no less than 20 per decade, hopefully more with the help of God.

Evangelizing – Train – Commission

Templo Calvario dares to be different from many other churches that our vision is to equip our church to reproduce itself, therefore, meet the “Great Commission.”

1. Evangelize: We have never held revivals to win people to Christ and to the church. Templo Calvario believes that every member of the Body of Christ is a Evangelist. One for One is the idea that the Lord gave to our Pastor many years ago. The concept is simple; those who attend church should bring someone with him. “Christ brought me, so I bring.” Christ won me so that I could win others” (Mark 1:38–39).

2. Train: Champions of Faith is our training ground for our future leaders. This training process begins with the principles of our faith and advances to the preparation of lessons and sermons. Whatever the service capacity in the body of Christ we are called, the word tells us to be prepared (2 Tim. 4:2; 1 Peter 3:15–16).

3. Empower: After you have completed the Champions of Faith courses, the graduate is ready to be commissioned to launch their own Cell. A cell group is the vehicle that we were to use to facilitate our vision. Jesus commissioned all his followers to take the gospel to all nations, beginning at Jerusalem. Our Jerusalem is our own community. Just pay attention and see the many people from different nations living there. The nations have reached us. The harvest is ready! (John 4:35).


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